River Meadows Nursery carries Multi Terrain Deer Fencing,

 by Smart Net Systems Ltd.

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UV Protected Polyethylene –strong - mobile – easy handling – low visual impact



HD UV-Protected Polyethylene Low-Visibility Deer Net Fencing

that comes in 6'x100' packages. This product is very strong and reinforced top and bottom to

attach and tighten on posts or other products. Each package is priced at $150.00 PER PACK.

Properties of Smart Net Systems Deer net Fencing:

2" mesh polyethylene, 3 times the burst strength of 4" and no entanglement problems that you will see

with larger mesh

130 lbs breaking strength per strand

Low stretch borders sewn top and bottom

Low visibility deer fencing

Why Our Deer Net Fencing is Better:

Deer fence netting will contour to any slope without distortion to panels. No need to cut and splice like

you do with plastic fencing

Deer fence netting is much stronger (3500 lb breaking strength of each edge border alone) plus 130 lb

breaking strength per strand. Total bunched tensile strength per panel including borders - 13,300 lbs

breaking strength.

Deer fence polyethylene netting outlasts plastic polypropylene by a wide margin

Other Benefits of Black Polyethylene Deer Net Fencing:

Deer fence netting is light and easy to handle; 100 grams per square meter (24.5 lbs. per panel of 100 feet

X 6 foot

Highly mobile, easy to relocate

Use existing trees to bungee the nets to, so minimizes the use of posts in treed areas

Blends in with the landscape