Nursery Hedging & Trees

Looking for nursery hedging, shrubs, and trees in the Comox Valley area on Vancouver Island? Take a look at what we have to offer at River Meadow Farms to complete your landscaping needs, including many varieties of Boxwoods “Buxus” and Yews “Taxus Media”. We’re just minutes away from downtown Courtenay for easy pickup!

The lists below serve as a general reference to what types of nursery products we sell and is updated periodically. It is not a reflection of our live inventory and we invite you to drop us a message or give us a call to confirm inventory. Volume discounts are available too!

Hedging & Shrubs For Sale

Western Red Cedar "Excelsa"

#5 Pot
5'-6' Tall

Emerald Cedar "Smaragd"

#1 Pot
2' Tall
#2 Pot
2'-3' Tall

Yews "Taxus Media"

Varieties: Eddeii, Hicksii, Hillii

#3 or #5 Pot
3'-4' Tall

Boxwoods "Buxus"

Varieties: Green Gem, Green Velvet, Green Beauty, Green Mountain, Suffruticosa

#1 Pot
#2 Pot

Full Size Trees For Sale

Assorted Specialty Spruce#104-7′$170
Weeping Eastern White Pine
(Pinas Strobus ‘Pendula’)
Austrian Black Pine
(Pinus Nigra ‘Arnold Sentinel’)
Ginkgo Biloba
(Maidenhair Tree)
Norway Maple
‘Crimson Sentry’

# refers to Pot Size, while Big/Bigger refers to Root Size.

Deer Resistant Plants

Worried about pesky deer? We carry both Western Red Cedar and Boxwoods hedging that are known to be excellent deer resistant plants on Vancouver Island — learn more about Deer Resistant Plants here.