Premium Turf & Sod

Need quality Turf & Sod for your lawn or field on Vancouver Island? Let us help you at River Meadow Farms with service to the Comox Valley, Campbell River, Parksville, and many more island communities! Keep scrolling to learn about our pricing, delivery or pickup options, and more.

We’ve started cutting for Spring 2024! Please contact us to place an order for freshly cut Turf & Sod.

Why River Meadow Turf & Sod?

100% Grown Locally on Vancouver Island: Every roll of turf and sod that we sell is grown locally on our family-owned 125 acre farm in the Comox Valley. That means your turf will always be fresh and local right from our farm, while supporting your local community.

Cut To Order For Peak Freshness: All of our large turf and sod orders are ‘cut to order’ to ensure peak freshness when you receive it.

40+ Years Of Experience: We’ve been in business growing turf and sod on Vancouver Island for over 40 years, while continuing to innovate our growing and cutting process for the best results every single year.

Turf & Sod Pricing

Our cream of the crop Premium Turf & Sod grown on Vancouver Island is available for just $0.90 per square foot or $9 per roll — it’s the best of the best on our fields at a great price!

With Premium Turf & Sod from River Meadow Farms you’ll always get a vibrant, healthy looking, weed free lawn with no large bare patches or wild grasses from field edges!

Turf & Sod Pickup or Delivery

The best way to get your Turf & Sod is to pick it up yourself at our farm location just a few minutes from downtown Courtenay in the Comox Valley! Pickup allows you to choose your own schedule and gets you the best savings as delivery can be costly.

If pick-up is not possible, we also offer Turf & Sod Delivery to many communities on central Vancouver Island including Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Parksville, Qualicum, Union Bay, and Bowser.

Delivery can be added onto your turf and sod order starting at $120 when delivered to the greater Comox Valley area (Oyster River to Buckley Bay) by pick-up truck. For larger orders that require a full-sized truck, delivery starts at $220. Contact us today to arrange an easy delivery straight to your home or business.

We also welcome Turf & Sod pickup customers from farther communities such as Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Duncan, Gold River, Powell River, Denman Island, Hornby Island, and Quadra Island. Unfortunately, we are often unable to arrange delivery to these more distant locations due to time constraints, but feel free to inquire if it is important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a value or non-premium discounted option?

For situations where affordability is a priority, we offer alternative discounted Value Turf & Sod options starting at only $0.40 per square feet or $4 per roll, with pricing and availability depending on inventory. These value products contain imperfections and are ideal for situations like chicken coops or dog runs. Contact us to find out what value options are currently available!

Do you offer wholesale or bulk order rates?

We’re happy to provide a discount for wholesale suppliers or large bulk orders over 5000 square feet of turf and sod when inventory permits — contact us to see what we can do. The prices on our website reflect our standard retail pricing without any discounts.

What’s the size of River Meadow Turf & Sod rolls?

We cut our turf and sod into 18 by 80 inches each, or 10 square feet per roll.

What seed mix do you grow your Turf & Sod with?

River Meadow Turf & Sod is currently grown with our seed mix made of:

  • 60% Perennial Ryegrasses
  • 30% Fescues (Creeping Red or Otherwise)
  • 10% Kentucky Bluegrasses

It’s the perfect blend for our climate on Vancouver Island!

Do you sell recommended fertilizer too?

You bet! For the best ongoing results, we sell our preferred fertilizer at $40 per 9kg bag — it covers approximately 5000 square feet of turf.

What’s the difference between Turf and Sod?

Turf and Sod are both terms used to describe the same product: an upper layer of soil that we grow quality grass on and harvest in the form of rolls for your lawn. There’s no meaningful difference, we simply refer to our product using both terms to help as many customers as possible find us. You can use whichever terminology you prefer, and we’ll get you the same great grass for your lawn!

Do you have any Turf & Sod watering, maintenance, and installation tips?

Check out our Turf & Sod Watering Tips, Turf & Sod Fertilization Guide, and Turf & Sod Installation Guide.